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Location:Home>Adhesive series>Masonry adhesive M500
Masonry adhesive M500
product description

Sunrise masonry adhesive M500, a rapid curing PU foam adhesive developed specifically for the installation of brick,

non-bearing interior walls of gypsum, concrete, aerated and lime stone blocks,stone, lime-sand brick ,wood and a range of other construction materials.

It is a completely unique polyurethane adhesive. This high quality adhesive has excellent long-term resistance to weathering, water, sea water, acids and solvents.

It is real environmental protection adhesive, no formaldehyde and benzene.

Product application
Masonry,non-bearing interior walls of gypsum,concrete, aerated and lime stone blocks,
stone, lime-sand brick ,wood and a range of other construction materials.
It is a ideal adhesive for construction of partition walls, housing and brick structures.
The scope of products:

1、masonry、 lime-sand brick

2、 non-bearing interior walls of gypsum

3、aerated block

4、 stone,  aerated and lime stone blocks


6、decorative panels



9、plastic products

10、more than 99% of the building materials